The Ebon Blade: illuminating the monk’s missed chances

Knights of the Ebon Blade in Acherus

Originating back in Warcraft II, the death knight has since made several transitions: from the bastardised remains of Stormwind soldiers and Shadow Council warlocks, possessed of free will and wicked intellect, through the runeblade-wielding, heavy plate warriors of Arthas’ Scourge, dominated by his will but incredibly strong, to the splinter sect of the Ebon Blade, liberated from servitude but not from torment.

Although a good deal of that story occurred within the earlier Warcraft games and the Death Knight manga rather than World of Warcraft itself, the Ebon Blade’s arc is not only well showcased in-game, a death knight character is invited to play through all their major plot points.

It’s this wealth of backstory and playable story that makes playing a death knight such an absorbing experience. I also feel it’s a trick the monk class failed to take advantage of.