WoW Screenshot a Day takes me back

Fresh water salmon

If you click the banner that'll take you to my entry for day four's prompt, fresh, but it's day five, early, that led me to an extended runabout today in Feralas.

When I was a fifteen-year-old WoW newbie playing through to level sixty on my first ever character, Feralas was one of the zones that made me go screenshot happy. It's a bit bland and green for my tastes now, but I think I liked the neutral tones and the sparkly bits. Who wouldn't like the sparkly bits?

Anyway, that slew of screenshots happen to be some of the few that survived from 2005, so I got it into my head that it'd be a good idea to recreate them with a modern character. Miriah was chosen as my willing sacrifice and thus, this.

A whole lot of before and after

At the time I played a night elf rogue on the Thunderhorn server. As a skilled and well-educated player, I spent some time mauling yetis for leather to craft myself a full set of Big Voodoo kit, in case you're wondering why my rogue is wearing a dress. The armour score was so much higher than what I'd been wearing before. Only a fool would have missed out on such an upgrade.

At the site of the yeti mass-murder.

The above is my contest entry shot. It also taught me that trying to duplicate the camera angle perfectly is an exercise in futility made worse by a vastly superior graphics card rendering ground clutter in your tiger's face even on low settings. Not only that, but it continues to be the case even if you pour half an hour of your morning into it.

With that in mind, I decided the rest of my screenshots should be inspired by the originals rather than attempting to copy them exactly. I won't object if you call cop-out.

Miriah on a Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger

Nevermind the waterfall, how much nicer is the Blue Shado-Pan Riding Tiger than everything else in either of those shots?

Feathermoon Stronghold

The Cataclysm wasn't exactly kind to Feathermoon. I did take the time to align this shot fairly closely with the old one, which proved interesting not only because it showed what was damaged versus what wasn't (lantern posts 1, buildings 0) but because I suddenly became aware of the fact that I was standing in roughly the same spot as I had been before, which isn't obvious information in a screenshot of scenery. I was in the doorway of the inn, as it happens.

I was well chuffed when I found this! I figured the shoreline would look mostly the same, which is true to an extent, but I could vaguely recall legging it away from a troupe of naga way back in 2005 and puzzled out a general location based on my idiot methods of shaking off mobs (run in a wiggly line, because straight lines are clearly for fools or something).

With two screenshots remaining, I found myself at a loss while trying to place them. I found various places that were very similar, but none that struck me as being just right. In one case, I found myself sitting on a somewhat-similar rock out in the ocean, wondering if they even make water like that these days.

In the other, I seemed to have come at the wrong time of day to make the sky glow the right colour.

Still, even having lost a place or two to time and Cataclysm, this was quite a fun trek to make, and all it took to start it off was the word 'early'.