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A screenshot a day

Twitter's been kind enough to inform me that Tycertank of Toonacious has started up a daily screenshot challenge. (This is actually the first time I've stumbled across their blog, so double win?) You can find all the details in Tycertank's post, but to boil it down: each day there is a word. Take a screenshot based on the word. You can then submit it via email, blog post or the #WoWscreenshotaday tag on Twitter.

I'm (unsurprisingly) late. As I'm done flailing about in a pool of my own no-blogging misery, however, I'm not going to let that stop me jumping on board, so here're three shots in one post. With a bit of rambling added in.

1. Something beginning with N

Could I really call myself a Forsaken enthusiast if I went with anything other than the New Plague?

New Plague
With this and all subsequent screenies, click for full-size.

From Hillsbrad Foothills to Vengeance Landing and New Agamand to the Wrathgate itself, the New Plague storyline is one of my absolute favourites for all sorts of reasons.

It took years to unfold, starting in classic WoW and reaching its first climax with the Wrathgate. What with Garrosh's descent into lunacy hurried through in a matter of patches, I can't help thinking back wistfully to the slow development of the Forsaken's take on the old Scourge plague.

It showed the extreme malice and belligerence the Forsaken were capable of, too, back when there was still a clear spectrum of attitudes that extended all the way down to the likes of Gretchen Dedmar, asking for nothing more than a blanket against the cold. It's been interesting, watching the way the Royal Apothecary Society's-

Oh hell, I'm going to stomp down on that line of thought before this post smashes up the correct ratio of screenshot to ramble for a photo contest piece and becomes something else entirely.

2. Incomplete

For this, I give you a screenshot of Mogit.

That'd be Nyx in an arrangement of her own/my alts' costumes - the ones I idly put together on flight paths, waiting on LFR queues and while talking through tactics in ToT. I have picked up various pieces from these eventual sets, promise. In fact, it's often picking up a cool piece of armour that starts me off on another mogging session. The chances of pulling together the rest... about as low as the title suggests.

3. Skyline

I was going to go for Undercity above ground for this, but sunbeams happened while I was sitting about waiting for the zep.

Sky meets mountains and spiky bits. I'm a little sad those mountains are there, if I'm honest, because it'd be nice to have Garrosh's hut in silhouette in preparation for his big day. Silhouettes are excellent for a villain's big entrance, after all.

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