More daily screenshots

15: the best

Wrath of the Lich King is my favourite expansion and Zul'Drak is my favourite zone within it. This is the region that really shows the scars of the war with the Scourge in a way the others don't.

Icecrown may team with saronite spires, but that's the Scourge at their most creative, adding colossal and often brutally beautiful architecture to a frozen wasteland. Borean Tundra might have necropoleis aplenty, but the Icehoof tribe have found new hope with the Horde and a good number of their losses are recouped when their chieftain resurrects them.

No such luck in Zul'Drak. The trolls have been thoroughly beaten and are in their death throes here, turning on their gods in desperation and rending huge god-blood scars in their city in the process. I love how everyone is in defeat here, and that the Argent Crusade are no exception. Down this path is the tiny quest hub that starts the chain to Gerk, whose closing quest text is some of the bleakest in the game: Gerk is dying.

There was really no competition for day fifteen's topic, best. This is the best, most gripping place to quest.

Sixteen: Cooking

16: cooking

I hate cooking. I hate the localisation fail that leaves me farming "scallions" instead of spring onions. I hate cooking fires, the need for fish, the time it takes, the way its buffs are cut by death, the sheer number of recipes my inner completionist demands I seek out, and the tokens I should really farm if I'm ever going to pick up my precious hat.

Most of all, I hate the ever-present threat of dinosaur. Dearest reader, just eat it raw.

Seventeen: exercise

17: exercise

All the anchorites know my alt is buff.

Simply being a warrior is hardcore exercise these days.

Eighteen: someone I spoke to today

18: someone I spoke to today

This is actually an older screenshot I dug from the archaeological site that is my photobucket account. I was away from World of Warcraft on holiday this Saturday just gone so I couldn't really log in to take a shot.

This one is my old Alliance guild completing the Windsor questline to expose Lady Prestor as Onyxia. I know everyone in this shot out of the game, and on the nineteenth I was holidaying with the cat druid, who happens to be my brother, and giggling like an idiot when Bluetooth caused the car stereo to read out text messages from the paladin on the left.

Nineteen: lost

19: lost

I doubt I can add much to this with words. One of my favourite shots I've ever taken.

Twenty: stairs

20: stairs

Say what you like about the mogu, they know how to build an impressive approach. I love the colours on the Isle of Thunder. Sadly this looks better in game, for reasons I cannot discern but that I will blame on Photoshop, even though I resisted the urge to do much of my usual tinkering.

And that's it for now!


  1. Your moth shot is stunningly beautiful but I hate Zul'Drak with a passion. I try it every so often with a new character but end up running off to pvp or back to Grizzly Hills or off the Basin.

  2. Funnily enough, I don't think I've found anyone yet who shares my love of Zul'Drak. In fact, I skipped over it myself 'til I came back to do Northrend Loremaster - maybe the experience bar is what limits its charm. That or all the zombies.