Failing at WoW Screenshot a Day

Paralysing Sha in the Dread Wastes for fun and screenshots

Alright, not completely failing. It's possible I actually won a thing, but I've been roleplaying so much lately (making up for roleplay time lost while on holiday) that I've maybe possibly a little bit fallen behind the Twitter parade of excellent screenshots, to the point at which one or two of these will've been disqualified for lateness. Oops.

That, however, is not the fail focus of this post. Instead, here's a big blog catch-up session and a long-winded explanation of the screenshot I just couldn't get.

Seven: a sign

This is the shot that defied me. I like the idea that monk training would be incredibly helpful to the Forsaken, helping them to school their thoughts and regain some sense of peace.

I decided I'd show the triumph of a self-aware, controlled attitude over inner demons by gathering up a whole load of sha, turning my back and using Zen Meditation to suggest a ~shield of calm~ against evil impulses: a sign that perhaps there is hope for those Forsaken who don't want to be homicidal maniacs.

This went well.

Crouching Nyxrinne, Hidden Sha
Not gonna lie, guys, can't really see you back there.

There are a few problems with vast swarms of level 87 sha when you're a monk tank taking a screenshot. Monks aren't like warriors or paladins. We hide behind the Shuffle buff, not a shield, and that buff needs to be maintained with frequent use of Blackout Kick. At a measly level 87, the sha tend to keel over if you kick them too much.

If you do what I did, however, assume yourself invincible even without your active mitigation, hide your UI and spend ages trying to take the perfect screenshot, bad things happen. Bad, embarrassing things.

Humiliating death

Did I mention that Zen Meditation breaks as soon as you're hit by physical damage? And that it's on a three minute cooldown? And that swarms of sha hit you really frequently? And that, no matter how careful you have to be while tanking Tortos's bats to avoid their melee attacks syncing up after an AoE stun, the sha really don't want to swing together?

Falling out of the sky.
I fell out of the sky a lot.

This is the best shot I got, and I found my message somewhat dimmed by the fact that one of the sha had just ripped through the shield with a spray of green Forsaken blood. Turn your back on evil, get stabbed through your cold, unbeating heart! Excellent.

I retired to the Dread Wastes, where there are bigger sha with predictable swing timers and long casts, and proceeded to fail a bit more.

Image ruined by persistent addon.
It turns out GCD is the sort of addon that shows up even when you've hidden your UI.

In the end, I surrendered. With three minutes left in the day, I took this shot as my contest entry, all the way over in the Jade Forest.

Jade Forest sha
Click to embiggen.

I feel the disaster in the Jade Forest is set as the first sign of things to come you get in Mists, so I lost any clever meaning here. That pretty much makes it my first fail: death and tenacity be damned, those sha just weren't going to cooperate.

I found some consolation in the fact that Nyx and the sha are in pretty much the same pose.


The difference being that Nyx has legs.

Eight: peekaboo

I can't help it, I like Tycertank's entry the most for this one, and she posts a day early so I was beaten before I'd begun. Still, even in defeat, I saw an opportunity to show off one of my favourite transmog outfits.

Diabolyn in all her glory

My GM was mistaken for a bot and banned while farming Zul'Farrak for part of this set, which makes it even better.

The peekaboo element of this is in the Eye of Kilrogg hiding up there in the background. I had to run the darn thing all the way up and around the Shrine to get it in shot within the forty-five second duration, so this took a few attempts before I got it right.

Nine: two o'clock

I've been skinning my way through the expansions to level up Diabolyn's leatherworking, so two o'clock found me on Tol Barad isle, skinning spiders.

Tol Barad is misty yo

At that time of night I can't be held accountable for the workings of my brain. I decided the mist effects there were super awesome. Just super, super awesome.

Ten: beverage

Behind every screenshot of an Alliance character drinking booze, there is Master Apothecary Lydon and his Elixir of Agony.

Lydon and his brews

Never drink anything again.

Eleven: I love doing this

Raiding is my absolute favourite thing to do in game. I like racing through dungeons as well, playing through the Brawler's League, reforging my gear and messing about with friends.

I'm fairly sure the thing I'm known for, though, if anything, is cake... and pulling with no regard for safety or sanity.


This screenshot would be a more accurate presentation of wot I love to do if it was actually the trash between Master Snowdrift and the Sha of Violence, and I had just pulled all of it.

Twelve: macro

I know macro photography is meant to be, like, focused on something tiny, but I saw this GIANT DEATH MOTH and felt I had to capture that poor deer on camera before it was wiped forever from this earth.


Later, death moth's cousin squared off against the Sha of Fear:

I think everyone can agree that version of the fight is far more interesting.

Thirteen: fast

Way back in Classic I desperately wanted a fast warhorse for my shadowpriest character, who'd recently reached officer rank in her roleplaying guild. As I was allergic to the auction house and wanted the enchants from the Timbermaw, I set off to Felwood and spent weeks grinding furbolgs.

I was eventually successful (and drew this image to celebrate) but I think they remember me.

Edible warhorses

Ain't nobody who can prettify that polygon count.

Fourteen: trash

Considering what I've written for number eleven, I was quite sad to find that, inexplicably, no-one wanted to join me in Shado-Pan Monastery for a quick screenshot session.

Fortunately I am a horrific packrat. Amongst the debris that litters my eleventy billion Royal Satchels, I found a book I've kept ever since my rogue friend looted it from an educated ogre around the time TBC dropped.

Vendor trash

Everything about that book is trash. The item rarity, the written content, the typesetting... We used to send it back and forth in the post with lines like *page 34 has been marked out for potential reconstruction* as the closest to risqué roleplay my teenage self could handle. Good times!

With this, I note I'm back on track for the next fifteen minutes. Hurrah!


  1. Oh my gosh, your shots are so good! I'm so jealous! What an awesome job! Also your blog is really spiffy-looking ^^ you totally deserved your prize, too!

  2. Like WOW these are really really nice! That's one awesome awesome graphics cards you got there are really kool filter play going on. Great job!!

  3. Thank you! My graphics card had a nasty accident recently, throwing me temporarily back to the lowest graphics settings possible, so I'm doubly appreciative of being able to run ultra now. ^^;