Death knight alt appreciation ramble


So, Laeleiweyn of World of Lae has started an alt appreciation initiative, whereby each class gets a week of attention from participating bloggers and tweetists.

I have been, in the past, a horrendous altoholic. Toward the end of each expansion I invariably start getting bored and start levelling alts. As a result, I have at least one of every class at eighty-five and above, although the number of alts to reach ninety has been pretty low, I have to admit. As much as I loved the Mists of Pandaria storylines the first time through, they don’t seem to have much replayability for me.

Que sera sera. One of the classes I love too much not to level is the death knight. This is fortunate, really, as alt appreciation is kicking off with death knight appreciation week. I have a slightly more meaningful post in the works. In the meantime, a ramble lurks beneath the cut.

My death knights


I have three, because you can never have too many death knights.

I created my first one shortly after Wrath dropped. She's a dwarf, and she's named Jadwiga, after this queen. Her first spec was blood DPS. Later she became a frost tank. Just, you know, to completely fail to anticipate the way the death knight talent trees would eventually turn out.

The one who actually reached ninety is Gethka, an orc. Like Jad, I chose her race for two reasons: they look awesome and they're maddeningly race. She still looks awesome, but she's not on a RP realm so her personality's a bit lacking.

My favourite death knight, however, is called Daelythir, and he's the one I've got the most flak for creating, because he's a blood elf, and blood elf death knights are a crime against truth and love, or something to that effect.

I don't know, I've just had various people tell me my death knight shouldn't be pretty. The thing is, he really isn't. I even tried to draw him once to prove this, although I never quite finished it.

Back when I had some kind of skill with my tablet, oh so long ago.

I'd give him more rot and veins and proper death knight eyes if I tried to draw him again, I think. I like my undead decayed. I think it adds to their oozy charm. In fact, I even have his old RSP description from late 2010.

Daelythir Alvantaris

Heavy bone structure only serves to make this thin death knight look lankier, his armour hanging off his emaciated frame. Veins and capillaries draw blue webs beneath his near-translucent skin, a bloom of rot over his right cheekbone revealing bloodless muscle. The decay appears to sink deep, as clear ooze gathers in the corner of his eye and drips periodically down the ruined flesh beneath.

It's possible I protest too much, of course. I really like the look of most death knight armour sets, so I am somewhat guilty of playing endless dress up with poor Daelythir.

Wrathgate photoshoot
What do you mean, a photoshoot at Wrathgate is tasteless?

He's been a favourite roleplay character ever since I created him, to be honest, and my roleplay characters generally pick up a fair few outfits along the way.

As a personality, Daelythir's fun because he favours a laddish exterior. I set him up to hit his typical "coming of age" story just as undeath slammed him with the less typical "learning to deal with being a brutal Scourge monstrosity" issue, and it's been pretty enjoyable stitching the two together over the years. He even wormed his way into a story or two.

Writing this has actually made me think I might level him soon. He's not that far behind Nyxrinne and Miriah as a favourite character, so I feel a bit bad letting him languish. If anyone knows of any good, death knight friendly guilds on Argent Dawn EU, give us a yell, hmm?


  1. Very nice post. I'm feeling kind of sick about all the decaying, but I guess that's how you horde people like it. ;)

  2. Hmm, a Death Knight friendly guild on Argent Dawn EU, lets look at that statement for a moment. How friendly would someone in the Argent Dawn, who's sole and soul purpose is to vanquish the undead? Just saying...

    Love your sets, by the way. Three full sets of Death Knight excellence. :p

  3. With a lot of makeup... maybe they wouldn't be able to tell? Maybe...