Nothing wrong with rainbow kit

TBC and Cataclysm armour

A recent forum thread invited players to discuss a perceived decline in quality of armour sets in WoW. Amongst wistful posts about iconic Judgement and snarky one-liners about recent tier coming pre-packed with rust, Vaneras made the following point:

Truly colourful gear that really pop can be very cool indeed, the problem with this though is when characters have a mismatch of different colourful armor sets equipped. We received quite a lot of negative feedback back in the day during TBC about “clown gear” making characters look silly, and there were a lot of requests for more toned down armor sets that would allow for better looks when mixing and matching pieces between different sets.

Miriah and I were subjected to the clown look. The clash between a yellow vest, purple and blue belt, green and pink trousers, and grey, blue and lilac boots was sufficiently eye-searing that I disenchanted the lot and went back to her warlord kit at significant loss of stats. But I don’t think the legacy of TBC questing should be a permanent aversion to bright colours and bold designs in gear outside of our tier sets.