Warcraft at the Oscars

Warcraft Oscars

So, Matty of Sugar & Blood is hosting a transmogrification contest based on favourite films, and I thought I’d take a stab at producing a proper entry.

This past year has been fairly disappointing for me in terms of film: I haven’t been able to go to the cinema all that often, and I haven’t much liked the majority of what I have seen. I did, however, enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman almost unreservedly, and it features women leads in brilliant costumes. Suffice to say, my choice of film to represent in transmog form was almost made for me.

I should note that, while I was faffing around with the huntsman, Kaitz beat me to it with this film. You can see her transmog sets here. As you’ll soon see, mine are much less accurate…

The Huntsman

The Huntsman

I like to think he’s making that face at me because I’ve been looking him over for an hour. In the film, the Huntsman is a belligerent drunk who’s found in a horse trough early on. Although he’s scruffy and unshaven, his armour looks as though it was fairly well-made, but subsequently ill-treated and allowed to deteriorate.

The Huntsman in Warcraft

Gear list:

Gahrron’s Shoulder

Blue Workman’s Shirt

Time Twisted Tunic

Shadow Weaver Leggings

VanCleef's Boots

Bands of the Great Tree

Skygrip Handguards


This is the mog I’m least happy with, mostly because his costume looks like the plainest of the three, and yet none of the pieces I found that were at all similar to his had the same worn look to them.

WoW armour looks new. There are ragged pieces about, but if you cover up the tears the rest of the piece will still look freshly sewn. Case in point: the Shadow Weaver Leggings he’s wearing, which are a mess below the knee. Can you tell when his boots are covering all the evidence?

In the end I chose a chestpiece based primarily on its neckline and the slight layered effect; the shoulderpad because I felt the reinforcement over his left shoulder was too important to leave out; and I regret the gloves already because I think the bracers alone would have looked better!

Queen Ravenna

Queen Ravenna

Ravenna has the most fantastic costumes around, but the fine detailing on most of them is difficult to capture with a mog, especially when the centrepiece items are often such unusual shapes. (The shoulder ornament on this dress!)

I ended up basing my entry on the above picture in particular, although I admit she’s not exploding into ravens all that often in the film.

Queen Ravenna in Warcraft

Gear list:

Dreadful Gladiator's Satin Hood

Malevolent Gladiator's Felweave Amice

Legionnaire's Satin Vestments

Heroes' Handwraps of Faith

Attempting this mog just made me sad there aren’t more sleeve styles about. What’ve we got? Short sleeved, flat sleeved, slightly baggy sleeved and the straight flare. C’mon Blizzard! Ridiculous sleeves are pretty much a fantasty trope! While you're at it, some more stylish dark gowns would be much appreciated too.

Snow White

Snow White and the cruelty of sunlight

I chose this picture in particular because it’s one of the few full body shots in Google. The sun-blinded squint is just a bonus feature.

Snow White’s armour is really what drew me to this film in particular. It looks protective but at the same time comparatively lightweight. In the film she does a lot of running about in this armour, and it always looked tiring, certainly, but also perfectly feasible. Whatever mog I went with was always going to have to retain that same mobility.

Snow White in Warcraft

Gear list:

Warmaster's Pauldrons

Yellow Lumberjack Shirt

Mind's Eye Breastplate

Bloodseeker Belt

Wrathful Gladiator's Dragonhide Legguards

Ancient Greaves

Sentry's Armsplints

Sentry's Gloves

Heavy Copper Longsword

I was silly and forgot to hit save after switching shields, and I can't remember which is in the picture. I think (I hope?) it's the Icy Kite Shield.

Obviously the colours are almost universally wrong on this mog, anyway, but I was focusing mostly on the armour detail. I’m particularly proud of her midsection, although there’s a distinct lack of chainmail skirty things in-game, I have to say.

The closing date for the contest is tomorrow (20/2/13) so, assuming you're reading this on the day I'm posting it, you still have time to join in the fun! The freedom to range between armour types opens up an awful lot of options to play about with; it's good fun!

Oh yes, I was listening to this on loop the whole time I was working on these sets. Hopefully one day I'll have this as an ear worm, rather than the rubbish they play at work.


  1. Your huntsman is much more attractive than mine! haha :D I agree he wasn't the most fun to try and re-create in wow form, do love your costumes though! Love the Mind's Eye Breastplate look for snow white, might have to look into it for my DK :)

  2. Oh great movie choice. It's funny you said the Huntsman was the mog you liked the least because I have to say it's my favourite of the three. I love the way the pieces all fall together.

  3. I would definitely recommend it! The breastplate (and the rest of the set, actually) have so much epic fine detailing. <3

  4. In retrospect I do quite like the look of it... but it was really frustrating at the time! x)

  5. Nyxrinne I giggled when I saw you put spaulders on those oscars! :D I do like what you did with the queen :)

  6. Thank you! Once I'd put Judgement on one of the statues I really wanted to dress up the rest and turn it into some sort of Oscar guild screenshot... but then I got lazy. :p