The pits of Ogudei

Dominance Offensive Pits of Ogudei

Okay Horde, it’s been weeks since the release of the Dominance Offensive dailies, and I think we need an intervention.

I know it seems like a goliath task. I know it may feel as though you’d need truly mountainous willpower to do it. But you have a support network all around you, and you can escape the Ruins of Ogudei.

I’m lost :/
Been running around ages
Someone help?
Can someone help me I’m lost
Where the fukk
Guys help I can’t get out
Been here like an hour can someone help me out omg

Step one: basic orientation

Do you see mogu? Spectral Pandaren? A line on your minimap that reads ‘Ruins of Ogudei’? Congratulations, you’re in the right cave. In all likelihood there are other people milling about in similar states of despair, despite the fact that this content patch dropped weeks ago and, theoretically, we all should have learned by now.

Q: Is this place a fucking circle or what
A: more of a mobius strip.

Step two: locate Alliance


I know Garrosh would want this as step one so ‘mash Alliance’ could fill in as step two, but it’s best to be thorough. The Alliance are slobbing about above ground while we Horde work industriously to rediscover our own NPCs, and you should be able to find their primary method of ascending from the mine if you head to the main room and look about.

Ogudei stairs

Yes, surprisingly, it’s a staircase. Look at it. Once you’ve found it, don’t you dare step away.

Step three: turn camera

if i cant get out how did i get in

Dear Horde, do this slowly so you don’t get lost! It is a critical movement. Facing the stairs, look carefully to the right.

Ogudei Horde exit

You will notice a huge gaping hole in the wall. So huge and gaping, in fact, you must have seen it before. Maybe more than once. How many times have you raced past that hole in the throes of frustration, Horde?

Q: Where is the portal?
A: with the elves
Q: Where are the elves?
A: with the portal

Step four: jump down hole

Make sure you don’t lose it on the way, okay.

Ogudei Horde exit: the hole

See, look, here’s the edge.

Ogudei Horde exit: the ledge

And, hey, jumping down isn’t too hard.

Ogudei Horde exit: the leap

Wait, what’s that?

Ogudei Horde exit: the portal

It’s that guy!

Ogudei Horde quest giver

That wasn't so hard at all, Horde, and I even resisted the urge to append [sic] to every gem from general chat.

Thinking of which, general chat was, in fact, so kind as to summarise all of this, thus rendering all my hard work utterly superfluous. Behold, and may your understanding of this labyrinth be forever altered:

quest elf he is at bottom u need find mgu step and right were gy is that mogu for step and allie took

Some people are simply inspired.


  1. I might not be Horde but I totally agree with this. I hate the Alliance versions of these quests so very very much mostly because they take place underground and there is always a bunch of people running in circles asking questions and then blaming anyone who answers them because despite the fact that they've basically been handed a verbal map, they still can't find anything.

  2. I confess I got completely lost and first time I did Ogudei and ended up hearthing out - not my best moment! I wonder if most players want that ‘cave of grells’ layout we all know so well. Because variety is a terrible, terrible thing when general chat exists.

  3. I call 'em the Ruins of Ogoodgod, mostly because I either get swamped by mobs in the enclosed space, or there aren't enough mobs 'cause everybody else is in the enclosed space. FORTUNATELY, Thermalix finally hit Exalted with Dominance Offensive, and I just skip the place on my human paladerp.
    On a side note, your images are always so bright and crisp. /envy

  4. My tactics:
    Open map.
    See where I am.
    Close map.
    Run forward a little bit.
    Scream and kill things if necessary.
    Open map.
    Compare new position of dot.
    Rinse and repeat!
    I just take forever to get anywhere. :<

  5. I never would have realised as Nyxrinne, who kills things quick and is virtually indestructible, but after taking a few alts down there lately I have to say: that name is apt. I may have to steal it for personal use.

    I have Rades' guide to thank for the look of these particular screenshots - before this post I was mostly slinging as many filter effects at each shot as they could bear!

  6. Heather McLemore22 July 2015 at 07:13

    ugh, this is my 3rd char running this and I still got lost!!!

    TY for this guide, I was standing at the stairs and when I rotated the camera and saw the gaping hole!!! FML