The defeat of the fashionable hunter

So I took Praelia through the Shado-Pan Monastery today for the first time. Wow, was she ever lucky with the drops. Actually, lucky might not be quite the right word for it.

Enter: stylish

Praelia before.

Exit: terrible

Praelia after.

I’ve inspected this from all angles now, and it is 100% certified horrible from every single one.

Terrible hunter armour. More terrible hunter armour. Terrible hunter armour again.

It’s so terrible, in fact, that I just might keep it.


  1. I really do like the stylish one. LOL That other one is so bright, how can she possibly hunt anything? It's more like she's holding a stop sign and waiting for kids to cross the street! What was Blizz thinkin.. Haha.. ;)

  2. Oh man, now I really want a stop sign as my weapon. x) Career change!