Farm spots for Lovely Charms in 5.1

Love is in the Air is back once again in 2013 with its much-adored grindfest. Any luck with with Big Love Rocket yet? I thought not.

The Swift Lovebird: its beady eyes are taunting you.

Fortunately for us, the other seasonal mount we can obtain during this event is the Swift Lovebird, and it isn't RNG-dependant like its flying counterpart. Instead you can buy it for a mere 270 Love Tokens from the seasonal vendor.

Love Tokens are purchased with Lovely Charm Bracelets, one for one, although there are daily quests that allow you to pass a bracelet to each faction leader for five tokens a pop.

It takes ten Lovely Charms to create one bracelet, and you obtain Lovely Charms when you kill mobs within your level range, so long as you've a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your inventory.

In short, the Love Bird demands you mow down 2,700 foes if you're allergic to dailies, which I'm sure is brilliant news that no-one is cursing aloud. But restrain your glee: there are several grind spots that trivialise this challenge, and I'm about to list the best I can find right here.

One quick warning

Make sure you have a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit before heading out. I know that sounds absurdly obvious, but I've just read through an awful lot of forum threads and blog posts, and almost all of them had at least one player getting grumpy because the grind point in question mysteriously wasn't working for them.

You'll obtain the collector's kit automatically upon accepting one of the quests to give a bracelet to a faction leader, or you can request one from the same quest giver: Kwee Q. Peddlefeet.

Obtain a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit.

Sorted. Now to the grind.


Bloodtip only spawns on days when the Golden Lotus are handing out The Ashweb Matriarch as a daily quest, just in case you needed another reason to really hate them. When she is about, you'll find her within the Guo Lai Halls, the entrance to which is at 22, 27 in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Guo Lai Halls on the map.

Head inside and follow the stairs down. When the corridor widens out into a large room, go through the door on your right. This will lead you to a circular pool with an angry spider on it.

Do not kill Bloodtip. Your grind here will rely on her Call Swarmers skill, which summons a large number of tiny spider adds. Just keep killing the waves as they spawn.

Source: Lupie


Located within the Stormstout Brewery instance, Hoplings spawn non-stop as part of Hoptallus's gauntlet. Get past the first boss and just keep AoEing these guys down without pushing up to Hoptallus himself, and you can pick up an awful lot of charms at high speed.

Hoptallus's ledge in the Stormstout Brewery

Watch out for those virmen armed with explosive kegs: while the Hoplings don't do a huge amount of damage themselves, those explosions knock off a fair bit of HP and stun you as well, increasing the likelihood you're subsequently blasted by yet more of them.

Despite this danger, the Hoplings are quite soloable, and the rate you acquire Lovely Charms won't dip all that much if you decide to bring in the cavalry and grind in a group. The great advantage of this method is that you're in an instance, so there's no risk of competition.

Source: Bigvinn2008


12/02/2013: Skiggit's adds have been nerfed so they no-longer provide charms. This farm point is no-longer viable.

Skiggit on the map.

Located at 23, 30 in the Valley of the Four Winds, you’ll find Skiggit down this rabbit hole:

Skiggit's rabbit hole.

Skiggit spawns a swarm of tiny, low-health virmen that replenishes every time you kill them. Keep him CCed out of the way and AoE them down for some speedy charm collection. Don't worry overly if you accidentally kill him: his respawn timer is one or two minutes long, tops.


Source: Elvine

Spawn of Anger

Within the Crypt of Forgotten Kings scenario, just before the final boss, there are pools of sha energy called Shadows of Anger.

Tomb of the Forgotten Kings.

These continually summon Spawns of Anger, which are perfect for farming with low health and low damage done. Just make sure you stand back sufficiently that you don't take down the spawn points and this is a fairly quick place to grind.

Grinding Spawns of Anger.

Of course, there is a slight downside in that you have to enter the scenario in the first place, which involves other people. Other people who might take it upon themselves to kill the Shadows. It's not uncommon, however, for groups to take down the bare minimum in mobs, and you can always request that they leave your spawn point in peace.

If worst comes to worst, queue with friends, and eliminate altogether the potential stresses brought about by other human beings.

Source: Mortality Gaming

Unstable Corruption

To reach these mobs, you'll need to defeat Lady Naz'jar within the Throne of the Tides on heroic difficulty if you're level ninety. Once that's done, creep back around Commander Ulthok, take the teleporter immediately outside his room on the left, run back through to the crossroads before the jellyfish lift, and hang a left.

Where to grind in Throne of the Tides.

This is the gauntlet leading up to Ozumat. You'll see some larger elementals, the Tainted Sentries. Those are the mobs you want to leave alone, although I'd advise killing the very first one just to get to the first pool where your real targets spawn: the Unstable Corruptions.

Unstable Corruptions in Throne of the Tides.

Once you've reached them, they're easy to farm. Just keep mowing them down until your inventory is bursting and all is well in the world.

Source: Power Word: Gold

I should add that a monk can AFK 'grind' these with Swift Reflexes killing them off, but beware: they apply a stacking disease called Wave of Corruption that can do moderate damage to you even at level ninety, so you may come back to find yourself dead if you wander off for a snack.

Verlok Grubthumper

Grubthumpers spawn in numbers at around 69, 25 on the higher level of the Verlok Stand within Deepholm. They die quickly and they spawn fast.

Verlok Stand on the map. The Verlok Stand.

Source: Jessie Healz

Hopefully some of these places will prove useful - especially for those readers on swamped servers where the competition is fierce.


  1. Thelandira/Sheeturself13 February 2013 at 16:24

    I was lucky enough to get in on the Skiggit location before it got nerfed...gathered over 2k charms with two accounts/toons logged in together. (over 1k charms per toon)

    Myself, and two others I ran into at Skiggit's, hit the Throne of Tides gauntlet and that place is a good farming spot as well...but much slower than Skiggit's lair was.

    Since the nerf to Skiggit's, I've been farming them on just one toon/account at a time. I have enough charms on one account to get the mount...now to do the same grind on the other account.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I managed to do a fair grind on Skiggit too - until my bag clutter brought me up short at around the 2.2k mark. By the time I got back... nerfed to the ground. It's true that none of the other spots have anything like that sort of speed, but then again, that might just mean they won't be nerfed.

  3. Used the Unstable Corruption grind for several days now. As a Demonology warlock, I can spin up Demo form, pop immolation aura, wind up a lot of demonic fury, and keep the immolation aura rolling all night long. Does require a single key press every ~8/17 seconds to keep the aura rolling, but I do enough AoE damage that the adds don't get close enough to cause the debuff before they die. Already rolled enough charms and bracelets to pick up 2 love birds, planning on working for 3~5 more to sell once the price has re-normalized on the AH

  4. Impressive. I think I might dust off my warlock and give this a go.

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