Arctic imposters

Lies and deceit.

So I was working toward VP cap on my paladin roughly twenty minutes ago when a seemingly everyday question was asked in guild chat: why is Orgrimmar full of polar bears? All the critters are polar bears.

Being super duper knowledgeable and that, I suggested that a mage or two had gone on a poly spree.

No, said my guildie. They don't have any active effects on them.

Perplexed, I logged over to Nyxrinne to have a look at these not-polyed critters. And you know what? I still have no idea what's going on here, but it's kinda brilliant.

I hadn't taken two steps into Orgrimmar from the Pandaria portal when the first imposters reared their furry heads.

Not a dung beetle.

I checked them: my guildie was quite right. No active effects whatsoever. Puzzled, I continued on. Polar bears watched me pass from all sides.

Disturbed by their attentive, beady eyes, I took to the air. From above, the extent of the polar infestation began to become clear.

Some of the invaders seemed a little confused, mingling with the poultry as though they had assimilated into the local critter population.

Being a Woman of Science, I located one of the creatures in the shadows behind Garrosh's headquarters.

The blow was swift. I struck it with a barrel, unseen.

It's okay, the warlock understands me.

The effects were instantaneous:

Beneath its furry exterior, the beast remained a lizard. But did this really provide answers, or still more questions? Was this an inside job? A prank? An uprising of critter kind against the idle cruelty of those heroes on their rush between bank and auction house? Perhaps one Ice Lance too many had led to the donning of a cuter hide, in the hopes of deterring such attacks.

As I sat upon my newest mount (for I was in Orgrimmar) and cogitated on the matter, my subject was so kind as to respawn... a bear once more.

Hello fuzzy.

My guildie and I decided to split up to see if this was happening in other cities. He went to Thunder Bluff, while I flew out over Stormwind. In both cases, nothing: prairie dogs were prairie dogs, and Stormwind rats remained rats.

So I'm not really sure why Orgrimmar has been affected in this way. I can only assume that, after being born out in the freezing arctic, the latest generation of polar bears looked about at their frozen home, said 'bugger that' and moved here for the fine desert air.


  1. Hahah Gotta love these weird glitches! I didn't get polar bears, but I have had everything being a pig.

  2. Now that is one glitch I Would of loved to seen!
    Polar bear cubs are so cute :)

  3. I think I've just been one-upped. I hope the pigs come to visit my server...

  4. I think their cuteness factor increases when they're unexpected visitors, too. :p

  5. They made a long trip from Winterspring! Awesum glitch ;)

  6. That's so weird! But cool at the same point.

  7. With parachutes... it might not actually be such a long trip at all...

  8. It seems like such a strange thing to go wrong!

  9. Maybe it was a result of Global Warming hitting Azeroth? All the pollution those Goblins are making can't be very good for the environment. /cough

    Oh well, wish I could have seen that, the polar bears are adorable!