Mogu did it: possessions of the Thunder King

Throne of Thunder: Twin Consorts.

How to dig yourself deeper into a hole in three simple steps:

  1. Create a vibrant world with a wide range of characters, only to introduce new species with each expansion that come only in the default (male) gender.
  2. Create a female model for one of these races post-launch. Make it hypersexualised, and limit its appearance to one boss fight. Be sure to give it a name that describes it in terms of its relationship with a male character.
  3. Release a blog post in which all other bosses are discussed in terms of fight mechanics and design team influences with jokes ahoy. In the section about this new Female Fight, neglect to do this, and instead neatly justify step two with a design team within a design team. Be sure to put extra emphasis on women as trophies for bonus depth.

Done? Congratulations, I bet you can barely see daylight that far underground!


Arctic imposters

Lies and deceit.

So I was working toward VP cap on my paladin roughly twenty minutes ago when a seemingly everyday question was asked in guild chat: why is Orgrimmar full of polar bears? All the critters are polar bears.

Being super duper knowledgeable and that, I suggested that a mage or two had gone on a poly spree.

No, said my guildie. They don't have any active effects on them.

Perplexed, I logged over to Nyxrinne to have a look at these not-polyed critters. And you know what? I still have no idea what's going on here, but it's kinda brilliant.


Warcraft at the Oscars

Warcraft Oscars

So, Matty of Sugar & Blood is hosting a transmogrification contest based on favourite films, and I thought I’d take a stab at producing a proper entry.

This past year has been fairly disappointing for me in terms of film: I haven’t been able to go to the cinema all that often, and I haven’t much liked the majority of what I have seen. I did, however, enjoy Snow White and the Huntsman almost unreservedly, and it features women leads in brilliant costumes. Suffice to say, my choice of film to represent in transmog form was almost made for me.

I should note that, while I was faffing around with the huntsman, Kaitz beat me to it with this film. You can see her transmog sets here. As you’ll soon see, mine are much less accurate…


20 days: Introduction


I’ve been dithering over whether to take part in the various ‘twenty days’ challenges that have been popping up all over my RSS reader.

My brain is a stubborn lump, y’see. It notes that I’ve updated within the last three or four days and it decides it doesn’t want to write that concluding paragraph for an otherwise-finished post. If I was updating with a 20 days post every day, well, I don’t think I’d get anything else written.

And yes, that is an admission that I’m not entirely on top of this ‘self motivation’ gig. I am working on it, alright.

I’ve come to the conclusion that my best bet is to answer questions on a once-weekly basis, leaving the rest of the week to normal posts. The next twenty Mondays, therefore, will be dedicated to Saga’s 20 Days of Blogging Challenge. I’m thinking Friday can host my attempts at prose, but we’ll see about that. For now, onward.


Touch of Death: it’s no execute

Touch of Death versus Hogger. Who else?

In retrospect, I should have anticipated the downside to naming a blog after a class skill: luring people in search of Actual Information to a blog full of rambling and silliness.

To all the WoW players who’ve stumbled here while searching for the details of the monk ability, I'm sorry. Here’s a run-through of the basics as they stand.


Touch of Death is learned at level twenty-two.Touch of Death. Image by Nyxrinne.

At a cost of three chi, Touch of Death will instantly kill non-player targets, but it can only be used on foes whose health is equal to or lower than yours. This is the actual number of hit points they have, not the percentage: as a levelling monk, you’ll find you can essentially one-shot some mobs from full health with this skill.

Touch of Death requires melee range to use, and has a 1.5 minute cooldown.


Farm spots for Lovely Charms in 5.1

Love is in the Air is back once again in 2013 with its much-adored grindfest. Any luck with with Big Love Rocket yet? I thought not.

The Swift Lovebird: its beady eyes are taunting you.

Fortunately for us, the other seasonal mount we can obtain during this event is the Swift Lovebird, and it isn't RNG-dependant like its flying counterpart. Instead you can buy it for a mere 270 Love Tokens from the seasonal vendor.

Love Tokens are purchased with Lovely Charm Bracelets, one for one, although there are daily quests that allow you to pass a bracelet to each faction leader for five tokens a pop.

It takes ten Lovely Charms to create one bracelet, and you obtain Lovely Charms when you kill mobs within your level range, so long as you've a Lovely Charm Collector's Kit in your inventory.

In short, the Love Bird demands you mow down 2,700 foes if you're allergic to dailies, which I'm sure is brilliant news that no-one is cursing aloud. But restrain your glee: there are several grind spots that trivialise this challenge, and I'm about to list the best I can find right here.


The defeat of the fashionable hunter

So I took Praelia through the Shado-Pan Monastery today for the first time. Wow, was she ever lucky with the drops. Actually, lucky might not be quite the right word for it.

Enter: stylish

Praelia before.

Exit: terrible

Praelia after.

I’ve inspected this from all angles now, and it is 100% certified horrible from every single one.

Terrible hunter armour. More terrible hunter armour. Terrible hunter armour again.

It’s so terrible, in fact, that I just might keep it.


The Lunar Festival in MoP

Lunar Festival in Mists of Pandaria

We’ve reached the end of this year’s Lunar Festival, and I have to say: it was even more disappointing than usual.

I know, that sounds difficult to achieve. The Lunar Festival’s in-game purpose has always been to celebrate the defeat of the Legion in the War of the Ancients, an enormously important event in lore that led to the reshaping of Azeroth itself, and it has always failed to convey even a pittance of the story.


Cordula, part four

Rainy day in Gilneas

Water soaked her through as the mist began to dissipate, froze her to the bone. Silhouettes blocked out in uniform shades of grey began to show through the whiteness. Slowly the trees gained their knots and gnarls, and the post not far in front of her gained hair and eyes.

Copper and suspect shared a moment free of any comprehension: both rubbing their arms for warmth, both staring, expecting greenery.

Then the hoarfrost over Cordula’s brain gave way. She saw his helm over curling brown hair; the feline aspect to his face, cheekbones broad, eyes set wide; a thatch of beard along his jaw; and his standard-issue armour, the crest on the clasp of his cloak scratched away, where tapered gouges met in the middle like a brass snowflake.

Her stone-cold muscles turned her instinctive charge into a stiff-legged stumble. Blundering through ankle-deep water, her teeth chattering so hard she couldn’t force open her jaw to yell, she saw reality sink in through the man’s eyes, and his flight reflex flare up.


The pits of Ogudei

Dominance Offensive Pits of Ogudei

Okay Horde, it’s been weeks since the release of the Dominance Offensive dailies, and I think we need an intervention.

I know it seems like a goliath task. I know it may feel as though you’d need truly mountainous willpower to do it. But you have a support network all around you, and you can escape the Ruins of Ogudei.