Windwalker vs. Razorgore

Right, so, Raiding with Leashes is a thing, most of the new pets are several kinds of brilliant, and, oh yeah, some of them drop from Blackwing Lair. The place that has beckoned with all kinds of pretty armour for years, only to subject prospective soloists to burny beatdown at the very first hurdle: Razorgore.

For those who haven’t hated Razorgore since the dawn of time, I can summarise: there is a room full of eggs with a dragon and an orb. You click the orb to control the dragon and smash the eggs, and while you’re doing this your character is incapacitated. Adds spawn in waves and dogpile you and your new scaly minion. If said minion is overwhelmed, you can enjoy being one-shot.

You can see why a lot of my in-game mates have been somewhat reluctant to attempt this encounter again, even though they’re now thirty levels above the raid requirement. In fact, I’ve been drafting in my epic paladin friend whenever I run Blackwing Lair on any character other than my cheating hunter.

This ended last week, when I tired of being scaredy and tried it on my own. Although things went less than smoothly because I can be a bit of a numpty at times, I downed him first try, and headed back there again this morning to see if I could improve on things. As it happens, when you’re not running around like a headless chicken, being a monk (or perhaps simply being level ninety) trivialises the encounter.

Many eggs, never to be whelplings

Look, I made a thing! The quality is terrible because I don't exactly know what I'm doing with all this framerate and file type and compression malarky, you may as well mute it because I forgot to toggle off Nyxrinne's angry error voice, and expanding it to full-screen is a bit like dipping your face into the world of MS Paint, but hopefully the general jist of the fight is visible through the blinding haze of pixels.

Either way, I have some Actual Words to augment my dicking around with technology.

First off, some basic, non-class-specific tips to ease the fight:

  1. Target through a macro. This keeps you from dealing unnecessary damage to Razorgore when he keeps jumping in the way as you’re right-clicking mobs to kill them. There are three types of adds to worry about, the Death Talon Dragonspawn, Blackwing Mage and Blackwing Legionnaire, so your macro will look something like this:

    /tar Death Talon Dragonspawn
    /tar Blackwing Mage
    /tar Blackwing Legionnaire
    You can always add in a quick “/cast [spellname]” if you want to pick things up with a particular skill, rather than simply punching them in the face.

  2. Full-nuke Grethok and his guards. They have precious little health to get through at level ninety, it’s true, but the faster they’re dead, the faster you pick up Razorgore. You don’t want him running halfway across the room before you can control him; you want to start with the eggs furthest away from the orb.

  3. Clear the eggs in rows, not columns. By this I mean go back and forth across the room, starting at the back and working forward. When you lose control of Razorgore because the channel expires or you need to pick up the adds, clearing this way will mean he’s never going to run into a part of the room that has no eggs.

    Additionally, you can generally clear out the opposite platform before the adds start to spawn, which is great, because the platform can really muck around with line of sight. The further into the fight you are, the lower Razorgore’s health will be, so ideally you want him as close to you as possible for quick add pickups as you’re clearing out the last few eggs.

  4. Using and cancelling the Orb of Domination causes threat. If you’re having trouble keeping the adds on you, dismiss and re-dominate Razorgore more frequently. Using buffs, potions, heals and triggering procs will also build threat and help you to pull the adds over to you before you’ve got them in range: that’s how low Razorgore’s threat level is.

  5. Don’t have Razorgore do anything other than destroy eggs. The temptation is to attack the mobs in the second between eggs just to help deal with them more quickly, but the adds only take a touch from your character to die, so any damage Razorgore deals is comparatively negligible… but does earn him some unwanted threat.

And if you’re a monk…

  1. Beware the usual Windwalker glyphs. You may notice that, in the video, I don’t use Roll at all once the fight’s started. This is because I completely forgot to remove my Glyph of Retreat, which turns Roll into a threat dump skill. You really don’t want to be dumping threat onto Razorgore.

  2. Movement is your great advantage here. Whenever you dismiss Razorgore, drag him toward the back of the room before making use of Flying Serpent Kick to get back to the orb at speed (Rolling will suffice if you’re a non-windwalker). Any adds will keep running toward you, and Razorgore can have some alone time with the eggs. You want to keep him running toward eggs at all times, and to separate him from the adds whenever possible.

  3. When out of range, self-cast all you can. Brews grant you threat, Expel Harm is a thing of wonder, and it may be worth planting your Healing Spheres near the orb as you’re moving back to re-control Razorgore (as then you can sidestep into them as soon as you dismiss him later on – for more threat). In fact, just standing about appears to up your threat rating on mobs halfway across the room, as Swift Reflexes causes you to passively decimate their friends.

Take your time, target carefully, and make liberal use of right click - dismiss whenever you feel uncomfortable with the number of adds swarming about. Razorgore is not the gateway monstrosity he once was.

Best of luck with the pet drops!


  1. Yeah for another Razorgore killer! Even though I've been soloing Razorgore it was interesting to see what you were doing and to see what points are similar and what we do differently. Good luck with your pet hunting

  2. Buh, holy would be epic for the fight if that had worked. My healing spheres were similarly obstinate - I stacked up a few, feeling smart, aaaand they did exactly nothing.

    Now I'm wondering how lightwell works in terms of threat - if the healing done is attributed to the priest, then perhaps... the threat is too? Or maybe I'm just excited over the thought of a tanking, healing, boss-channelling priest!

    Best of luck puzzling out your strategy and downing his scaly face. :D

  3. Thanks! Now I'm curious about your strategy. :p