A good day is better with visits

I'm actually starting to feel ill again by this point, but today was a fine day of writing and sunshine and feeling unusually bouncy. Then things got even better, as per the header screenshot.

Maybe another screenshot will provide sufficient clarification.

My screenshotting skills apparently nosedive when I'm excitable so I didn't capture as much of Navi's visit as I'd have liked.

However! She is just as chatty and interesting in-game as in-blog. Sadly it turns out you can't pelt someone in the arena with tomatoes unless you're level ninety, so no achievement there, but Navi can confirm that my second attempt at the Dark Summoner lasted far longer than two seconds (which is more than I can say for the first - oops).

On the whole it was great fun to be included in something I've read so much about and, amongst the more light-hearted lines of discussion, Navi asked a pretty important question: what do I really want from this character (Nyxrinne)?

I want to raid again, as tank or DPS; I want to be more competitive in my play; I want to be in a busier guild; and, honestly, I think I want to be on a busier server too. Saurfang isn't dead, not compared to Scarshield, but while we were in the Brawler's Guild there was actually a considerable pause in which no-one was queued to fight at all.

So, thank you Navi both for visiting and for helping me get my thoughts going regarding this! If anyone EU-side has a server to recommend, give us a poke. I favour PvP and RP realms, but a straight PvE server with a sufficiently vibrant and sizeable community could easily draw me over. Having had both my servers sort of crumble away beneath me, I'd really like to settle somewhere solid!


  1. I'm very jealous! I'd love to meet Navi :( hopefully she'll pop back to the EU sometime soon! I'm on Dragonblight (PvE) but being Alliance I'm not sure what Horde-side is like. Though I too am looking for a server for my Horde-chars :)

  2. I gather Tuesday is maintenance day for the US/Pacific servers, which raises the Chance of Navi EU-side. Perhaps this time next week? And I'll prolly be posting about any server research I do soon enough; maybe some of that will be useful to you too!

  3. I saw a bit of this on twitter last night. Sounds like great visit and man, how exciting to see you in a Brawler match too - even if it was a short one.

    Best of luck hunting for a new server and Guild too. You'd be a great addition to any Guild from what I've read so far :D

  4. I actually went to visit Jojo first! But only one person was on - the same hunter I spoke to LAST maintenance and I was scared he would think I was some kind of psycho stalker - wait, I am a psycho stalker! - and give me the snub! And then I realised Nyx was actually EU not US so off I tried to see her!

  5. Owhh no that's even worse! I'm sorry I was at work :'( haha well I guess you are a bit of a psycho-stalker but we don't mind - we love it! :)

  6. Ahh awesome. Would be very useful info. I have visited a few servers but never made a definate decision on one. What server are you on currently?

  7. The best I've done against that boss is to bring him to around 35% thus far, but it is quite a nifty fight to watch. Sort of like a horror game where your only weapon is a torch. :P

    And thank you very much. ^^ I saw a guild recruiting in general yesterday and decided to go for it, mostly because of encouraging comments like yours. After chaining some heroics with them, I have a spot in Heart of Fear on Monday and I've been recommended to another guild for their Mogu'shan run tonight. So it's all been a bit fast and brilliant! Time to pack my brain full of tactics...

  8. I'm on Saurfang - and I might actually be staying after all. Saw a guild ad in Trade last night, chatted with an officer for a bit, and now I'm signed up for Heart of Fear on Monday (completely skipping Mogu'shan and, er, any form of non-LFR raid experience in the process). Whether that actually works out... we'll see. But it has halted my server research for the moment!

  9. Awesome, thats good - saves you paying for a transfer!