Cordula, part three

The mud sucked at her boots, made her stumble. In all her armour Cordula held no delusions of being quiet at the best of times, but all this splashing and cursing wasn’t getting her anywhere, just increasing the chance she got sucked under, or that something mortiferous heard and reckoned it could get a solid meal out of her.

She circled, lost, direction unfathomable with each patch of ground all dislocated from the next by the wall of white, and finally set her arse down on a mouldering log.

What choice was there? Whoever it was, they were gone. Disappeared just as soundly as Dag and the injured guard, the path, and even the cathedral spire of Gilneas. Now that was proper disconcerting. The sight of the city was meant to be a constant.


Cordula, part two

The ground was steep past the bridge, steeper than either of them had expected, and wet from the dewfall. Dag slipped a few times, trying to forge ahead, trying to lead, his pistol drawn early, while Cordula planted her feet carefully, doubting, now, the shadows that entranced her, subjecting them to every inquiry her eyes and ears could make.

It was a narrow path for a thoroughfare, this one, with the rising cliffs on one side and the falling cliffs on the other. There wasn’t much space for anything to hide, unless it sprang down from the rocks – and her head turned up at that thought, and she eyed the jagged ridge, jet black with the moon behind it. Nothing.

Still nothing as the slope began to level out and the gatehouse into Gilneas loomed, with its lamps left unbroken and its walls good and strong. The other patrol didn’t head into the city, she knew that much, and there was only one other way to go: along the path as it doubled back on itself, following the very base of the cliffs around toward Duskhaven. Alongside the bog, as it happened, and well into the thick of the mist.


Windwalker vs. Razorgore

Right, so, Raiding with Leashes is a thing, most of the new pets are several kinds of brilliant, and, oh yeah, some of them drop from Blackwing Lair. The place that has beckoned with all kinds of pretty armour for years, only to subject prospective soloists to burny beatdown at the very first hurdle: Razorgore.

For those who haven’t hated Razorgore since the dawn of time, I can summarise: there is a room full of eggs with a dragon and an orb. You click the orb to control the dragon and smash the eggs, and while you’re doing this your character is incapacitated. Adds spawn in waves and dogpile you and your new scaly minion. If said minion is overwhelmed, you can enjoy being one-shot.

You can see why a lot of my in-game mates have been somewhat reluctant to attempt this encounter again, even though they’re now thirty levels above the raid requirement. In fact, I’ve been drafting in my epic paladin friend whenever I run Blackwing Lair on any character other than my cheating hunter.

This ended last week, when I tired of being scaredy and tried it on my own. Although things went less than smoothly because I can be a bit of a numpty at times, I downed him first try, and headed back there again this morning to see if I could improve on things. As it happens, when you’re not running around like a headless chicken, being a monk (or perhaps simply being level ninety) trivialises the encounter.


A good day is better with visits

I'm actually starting to feel ill again by this point, but today was a fine day of writing and sunshine and feeling unusually bouncy. Then things got even better, as per the header screenshot.

Maybe another screenshot will provide sufficient clarification.

Beginner brawler

It seems I picked up my Blood-Soaked Invitation at around the same time as a couple more established bloggers (Navimie and Cymre). I thought I’d add to the newbie brawler report! I gained my invitation by camping the faction rares for a while. Long enough, in fact, that Nyxrinne is now sporting half a PvP set, courtesy of a large stack of Honourable Commendations.

First off, the Brawler’s Guild is a lot of fun. Being a little self-conscious of what I anticipated being massive failure on my part, I started fighting early in the morning before work to avoid the crowd, but as other people started filtering through, mostly low-ranking newbies like me, there was no nastiness at all.

In fact, we ended up cheering each other on. Eventually a rank seven priest showed up, working on GG Engineering, and the rest of us paused our queuing to let her spam the fight a bit. Compared to our crocolisks and rams, those guys with their rockets looked hard.


Monk tier breaks no moulds

Shy of Shy at WoW posted earlier to flag up the similarities between tiers fourteen and fifteen for monks, pointing out the prevalence of saucer hats and the lack of anything really interesting about them.

For the most part, I agree with her. I felt tier fourteen in particular was an unsuccessful attempt to prove that splashing neon onto neutral tones can make for something beautiful. Both fourteen and fifteen lack any powerful centrepiece to them.

This changes somewhat if you view tier fifteen’s chestpiece on the male model, mind you. Due to a lack of boobs to cover, it becomes a lot more interesting.


Cordula, part one

They put her on the night shift as a punishment, and after the second week Cordula was in love. It was the dark that did it. Only the shadows moved on the daytime beat, but when shadow had full reign it made the whole world shift along with it.

She strolled through the centre of Stormglen at just after suppertime with the air balmy and the light dying slow. The lamplighter walked right alongside, chatty-like, her long pole with the wick on the end lifting up to the lamps until the streets were awash with flickering orange and the blackness danced between the cobblestones.

Daytime was near-dead by the time she left the lamplighter at the outskirts. The sun hit the sea as she headed west: the water bronzed to precious metal, the path underfoot baked red, and one last gout of light lent flame to the trees. For a half-minute the Blackwald seemed to burn, before the stars opened up overhead, and the darkness set in.


Shared topic: No Favourites

Which of your characters do you always look forward to “seeing?” But the real question is why? Perhaps think of this from a role playing perspective, that this character has a personality, play style and demeanour that inevitably just works.

Topic suggested by Mataoka of Sugar and Blood

My favourite character, the one I always come back to, the one I’ve played the most and who always makes my top ten list, is my shadow priest, Miriah. This post has become a bit of a tribute to her.

I created Miriah at the start of June 2006 for roleplay, duelling and battlegrounds, and my first character (who had spent her time duelling outside Ironforge and raiding AQ) never drew my attention back.

At the time this wasn’t all that confusing to me, as I had yet to figure out my preferred role in the game.

Nowadays, though, I’ve played through all the classes and I know I love being in melee range, if not tanking outright, more than anything else.

It seems a bit odd that my ‘main main’ is a caster. So I’ve been thinking a bit about why she’s such a compelling avatar.


5.2’s troll councillor and models of the future

After a minor spat with life I’m working on a proper blog post, but I saw the new model for the Jungle Troll Councillor (which you can view in 3D here on Wowhead if you haven’t already) and had to say something.

This is the first time since Therazane that I’ve looked at a new female model and loved it unabashedly. Look, look!