The Disqus transition and some blogs for your perusal

First off, happy holidays to everyone who celebrates at this time of year! I hope your day(s) were enjoyable/tolerable and any allergic reactions to the ubiquitous soap-related presents were kept to a minimum. (Also that you did not lick any gifts trying to puzzle out if they were soap or food. Thank you Lush for that particular experience.)

Secondly, thank you so much to everyone who's been visiting and commenting on the blog, adding it to their blog rolls and retweeting my posts on Twitter. The number of hits Touch of Death received this month is double last month's traffic, and it's exciting to know there are people out there reading what I've written and enjoying it enough to come back (voluntarily, even). Double love goes out to commenters for turning my rambles into discussion.

Which leads me to a site note: Touch of Death now uses Disqus for its comment threads. Blogger's default system is perfectly functional and all, but the comment form loads through an iframe so I'm unable to edit the look and feel of it to match the rest of the site. This, of course, is unacceptable. Thus: Disqus.

Unfortunately, while Disqus has copied all the comments over so nothing has been lost, existing comment threads have been broken by the switch over. Much, much more annoyingly, all the links back to each commenter's blogs have been rudely severed. So I thought I'd do something to make up for that.

Commenters, in order of appearance

Jojo of Admiring Azeroth, an immersive blog featuring beautiful screenshots of the author's activities in Azeroth. I particularly like her use of WyriMaps to show the locations of each screenie: it's fun to fly on over there and essentially step into each shot. Or, well, get shot at in Nyxrinne's case - Jojo plays Alliance, which has mild influence over what airspace is safe and what isn't...

Shy of Shy at WoW, a blog that engages with World of Warcraft the game and the community around it. I particularly like her thoughts on Blizzard's tactics in dealing with players, especially the noisiest bunch over at the forums.

Jared of Monk(eys) Monk(eys) Monk(eys), a blog that's a mix of facts and suggestions, focusing primarily on (and the title might've suggested this from the start) the monk class. Jared is pretty on the ball when it comes to covering changes to the class, and wrote an interesting post about alternatives to the dreaded dailies that I'd somehow missed 'til just now. He was also kind enough to clue me in about optimising Enlightenment, which I've since used for my baby mistweaver.

Navimie of The Daily Frostwolf, a blog about her exploits in the game and within the community, including all sorts of creative writing pieces and gift trades and pets and transmog excellence. Navi's posts have a pretty legendary level of enthusiasm to them, if that makes any sense at all. I really like reading posts from someone who gives so much and gets such enjoyment in return.

Cymre of Bubbles of Mischief, probably the most beautiful blog I know, full of extremely rereadable content about pets and secrets, transmog sets and questlines, to list only a few topics. Cymre's posts sport some seriously quality screenshots, and it was reading about Cymre Jones that inspired me to go off on my ridiculous relic hunt!

Effraeti of Awaiting the Muse, a blog from a fellow fiction-writery sort, full of prose, challenge dungeons and transmogrification. Although I'd definitely recommend this blog for the fiction content first and foremost, Effy's doing a series of posts based around her guildies' transmog sets, which I think is pretty inspired.

Malkshake VG of Holy Nova, a blog with a more personal slant. I haven't read as much of Holy Nova as I'd like to (thanks, busy Christmas work schedule), but what I have read features a strong, honest voice and some exceptionally adorable drawings.

Arvash of The Crimson Hammer. I've only read his response to the raid pets shared topic thus far (again, work and Christmas are not my best friends), but anyone who recognises the importance of an all-yeti battle pet team clearly deserves your click.

My thanks to all of you for humouring me as I flail about with words making my blog so much more interesting a read for anyone passing through, and so much more engaging an endeavour for me.

I imagine it hasn't passed under anyone's attention that I'm a bit on the shy side, but my resolution for the coming year is definitely to get out there and leave some comments of my own. I shall see you on the net!


  1. That's a great list of blogs you have there. Thx for the extremely kind words.

    That's one thing that irks me about changing my comment system. I was actually looking at Livefrye over Disqus though. Hopefully there are no more hiccups with it.

  2. Thanks for the shoutout, I've added you to my blog roll!

  3. Oops, now I'm looking at Livefyre all hmmmm, if WoW Insider has it...
    Have to resist the urge! It's too soon!

  4. Thanks for the shoutout!

    As for comment systems...I've been blogging for a while now (2009 I posted my first posts) and I've had a comment system at some point. It kept being messed up for me, so now I'm back to as standard as possible. Even using a blogger theme instead of my own fully adjusted skin, just because it doesn't break.

    Love the looks here though, I've found myself staring at the background a couple of times already wondering if I was looking at floating kidneys or something.

  5. That gif is cool! I have never thought to use Disqus for my comments with blogger, I have seen others using it. And wow legendary enthusiasm is a huge compliment, but I should be thanking you for coming to visit me so often this year :)

  6. ...What has been seen can never be unseen. Kidneys it is!

    I admit I am a bit concerned about using an external comment system because of the threat of something going drastically wrong. Apparently my anger at iframes overwhelms that... for now.

  7. Ahaha, I readily admit that I'm a dreadful lurker! Disqus was quite easy to add to Blogger, despite the outright failure of its big "click here for insta-install!" button to do anything at all. (Never trust big "click me!" buttons is my feeling on that subject.) Whether it's a worthwhile swap... Time will tell, I guess. :p

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