The loot roll window

Just a quick post to flag up a relatively new feature, as a morning spent tanking through the LFD tool has revealed not everyone is aware of this handy thing.

Want to roll for offspec? Want to see who's rolling against you? Nosy like me and just want to know what everyone's doing? When loot drops, uncommon quality and upward, you'll see a message in chat that looks like this:

If you click [Loot] the following window will open up:

It keeps track of every roll, past and current, for your perusal. Much neater than a chatlog full of roll spam, innit?


  1. I wish they would show this for the LFR loot baggies too, who won what.

    1. On the one hand, it would be nice to see some evidence of Actual Loot on those runs when you get nothing but gold.

      On the other, save the chance to say grats to specific people, it wouldn't provide all that much now that the loot rolls are completely out of our hands. There'd still be no opportunity to abstain from rolling, to pass loot to anyone else, or to community-police ninjas.

      There would be potential for griefers to start on at the winners. As Blizzard's understanding of LFR loot distribution seems to be so overwhelmingly negative, I'm betting that last bit is no small part of why they've given winners the cover of anonymity.

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