Making friends with the Tillers

Tiller farmland.

The Tillers are a faction of farmers based in the Valley of the Four Winds, beset by the virmen and the hozen and entrenched in an anti-newcomer mindset. Reputation with the Tillers is granted every time you harvest a crop at ninety, and through completion of several dailies available at Halfhill (again at ninety).

Alongside the main faction reputation bar, there are also individual Tillers to befriend, and note that by “befriend” I mean “ply with food and trinkets.” Each Tiller has a favourite meal you can cook for them (or rope a friend into cooking for you) and a special item found in pockets of Dark Soil all over Pandaria, most abundantly around the farms in the Valley of the Four Winds, and less reliably as extra loot when you harvest a crop.

Befriending the Tillers at maximum speed is all about knowing what to give to whom. In aid of this, this post is split into four parts for your convenience:

  1. A screenshot overview of locations, meals and gift preferences.
  2. The meals and their materials.
  3. The gifts and how to hunt them.
  4. Information about each Tiller in alphabetical order by name.

The overview: click for full size

Tillers location in Valley of the Four Winds

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The meals

For a full meal run, you'll need to create five of every meal. This will require the following materials:

35x Juicy Crunch Carrots
25x Scallions
25x Striped Melon
5x Giant Mantis Shrimp
10x Jade Lungfish
10x Krasarang Paddlefish
5x Reef Octopus
5x Raw Tiger Steak
5x Raw Turtle Meat
10x Wildfowl Breast

Pull these together to make the following:

Braised Turtle
For: Old Hillpaw
Materials: 1 Raw Turtle Meat and 5 Juicycrunch Carrots per dish; 5 meat and 25 carrots total.

Charbroiled Tiger Steak
For: Haohan
Materials: 1 Raw Tiger Steak per dish; 5 steaks total.

Eternal Blossom Fish
For: Sho
Materials: 1 Jade Lungfish and 5 Striped Melon per dish; 5 fish and 25 melons total.

Fire Spirit Salmon
For: Tina Mudclaw
Materials: 1 Emperor Salmon and 5 Scallions per dish; 5 fish and 25 scallions total.

Sautéed Carrots
For: Jogu the Drunk
Materials: 2 Juicycrunch Carrots per dish; 10 carrots total.

Shrimp Dumplings
For: Ella
Materials: 1 Giant Mantis Shrimp per dish; 5 shrimp total.

Swirling Mist Soup
For: Gina Mudclaw
Materials: 1 Jade Lungfish per dish; 5 fish total.

Twin Fish Platter
For: Fish Fellreed
Materials: 2 Khasarang Paddlefish per dish; 10 fish total.

Valley Stir Fry
For: Chee Chee
Materials: 1 Reef Octopus and 1 Wildfowl Breast per dish; 5 octopuses and 5 birdy breasts total.

Wildfowl Roast
For: Farmer Fung
Materials: 1 Wildfowl Breast per dish; 5 total.

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The gifts

Match these to the best recipient for a full 990 reputation, or pass them around as you like for 584 instead.

Blue Feather
Jade Cat
Lovely Apple
Marsh Lily
Ruby Shard
Chee Chee
Old Hillpaw
Fish Fellreed
Jogu the Drunk
Farmer Fung
Gina Mudclaw
Haohan Mudclaw
Tina Mudclaw

Gifts can be found all over Pandaria in patches of Dark Soil, and you can see the exact places where these spawn here at Wowhead.

Rate of Dark Soil pickupIf you're looking to grind reputation quickly, your best bet will be to search around the farms in the Valley of Four Winds. The soil's extremely abundant there. Even if you have competition, it's not unusual to loot flurries of the gifts, as you can see from my time stamps to the right.

That said, there's a lot going on down on the ground amongst the farms, which can turn a gift-grind into a squintfest. Look how obscuring all those vegetables can be, an issue that's only compounded when you're doing a speedy fly-by on the epic mount:

Ground clutter in action

There is, however, a good way to ease visibility.

Hit Escape and bring up the game menu. Click System and look down toward the bottom left section of the System Settings panel. Change Ground Clutter to Low.

Turn down ground clutter

Observe the difference!

Veggidisappearo, a spell much-coveted by the under twelves.

If competition is getting you down, the spawn rate of soil is apparently quite good around the Temple of the White Tiger in Kun-Lai Summit, mostly around gazebos and under trees. You can also try out this addon, which modifies TomTom to show you the exact locations of Dark Soil spawn spots.

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The Tiller characters

Chee Chee Tillers Chee Chee
Eats: Valley Stir Fry
Likes: Blue Feather
Provides: Sheep on your farm, and Chee Chee's Goodie Bag in the post.
Ella Tillers Ella
Eats: Shrimp Dumplings
Likes: Jade Cat
Provides: Luna the cat on your farm, and a Tree Seed Pack in the post.
Farmer Fung
Eats: Wildfowl Roast
Likes: Marsh Lily
Provides: A shaggy prized yak on your farm, and an Enigma Seed in the post.
Fish Fellreed
Eats: Twin Fish Platter
Likes: Jade Cat
Provides: A trio of pigs for your farm, and a Special Seed Pack in the post.
Gina Mudclaw
Eats: Swirling Mist Soup
Likes: Marsh Lily
Provides: A mailbox for your farm, and a Celebration Gift of fireworks in the post.
Eats: Charbroiled Tiger Steak
Likes: Ruby Shard
Provides: Songbell Seeds in the post. These grow into Motes of Harmony.
Jogu the Drunk
Eats: Sautéed Carrots
Likes: Lovely Apple
Provides: A Secret Stash of alcohol in the post, and free crop forecasts.
Old Hillpaw
Eats: Braised Turtle
Likes: Blue Feather
Provides: A flock of chickens for your farm, and a Straw Hat in the post.
Eats: Eternal Blossom Fish
Likes: Lovely Apple
Provides: An orange tree for your farm, and a Red Cricket pet.
Tina Mudclaw
Eats: Fire Spirit Salmon
Likes: Ruby Shard
Provides: Furniture for the farmhouse and a Nicely Packed Lunch, full of food.

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Thus concludeth the guide. Edited 30/12/12 for all those people finding my blog while looking for the elusive Farmer Fung!

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