Newly ninety monkling

I meant to head this post with a fantastic level-up screenshot of Nyxrinne hitting ninety. Instead, out in the Dread Wastes, I was enshrouded in sonic weaponry and hurled at the ground by one of the Klaxxi. I missed all the mobs I was aiming for, plummeted into a section of the zone I had yet to visit, and levelled up on impact.

You'd think this might make a dramatic ding shot, but instead it's mostly a monk sprawled on her back and a lot of perplexed mobs hanging around in the background, unharmed. So here's Nyxrinne and a chicken instead. Ta-da.

It took me just over three days worth of /played time to reach this level cap, including all the usual AFKs and RP-related slowdowns and... Mogit. (Mogit.)

I found the monk class extremely enjoyable out in the world, for the movement-related reasons outlined here, which provided a constant sense of precision and speed; the burst capabilities of the windwalker spec; and Enlightenment, which I was going to discuss here but in fact deserves its own post.

What I will say is that I have enjoyed MoP questing a great deal. The vast majority of the storylines are good, the world is beautiful, and there's a strong sense of pace throughout that carried me forward effortlessly, even though I was replaying some of the earlier content as I'd levelled my paladin to eighty-eight before starting on Nyxrinne. I have quite a lot to say on all of it, so posts ahoy!

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