A bit about me

I suppose the first thing to do at the start of a new project is to say hullo, so here I am. Hullo! I'm a veteran WoW-player who plays on the EU realms. I didn't make it onto the Mists beta so I've been improvising an awful lot with my new monk, and it occurred to me that, hey, perhaps I finally have something to write about.

So this blog happened. The leading lady is Nyxrinne, Forsaken monk. She's presently a brewmaster/windwalker, and hopefully everything else will trickle through in her diary entries and my sillier posts. I intend this blog to deal with immersion gaming, the Forsaken faction and the monk class - although I'm still levelling up and puzzling things out at the moment, so any sort of theorycrafting is a looong way off.

For now I'll see about fixing up the layout, and maybe later I'll refashion this post into something slightly more engaging!